Change in the Weather, Change in the Title…

New cover, What do you think?

As you can see it has been almost a year since I announced the completion of my fictional memoir ” Leaving Cleveland.” What am I up to? Well, as one literary agent expressed ” You are a good writer and this is a good story and we would be interested in representing you BUT……you are not famous, yet.” He was absolutely right. Not to be deterred, I decided to go the self-publishing route. I am have researching the best way and have learned a lot about self-publishing and publishing on demand. The more I have learned the clearer it became that for this book it is the best way. I have been in contact with BookBaby and have gotten all their info and costs. I will be also applying for a grant through the college I teach photography , Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. They award grants to help their faculty complete projects they are working on. If I do receive the grant, the wheels will be in motion and I hope to have this book out by early fall, just in time for the holiday season.

If you have been following my posts you will also notice that I have changed the title to Leaving Cleveland. When you follow the upcoming posts and read the book will make more sense. So please sign up for notices of new posts and tell your friends. If you are new to this blog , you can read some of the entries, although I will be submitting more entries in each new post as I keep you up to date with my experience of self publishing. I have also made a slight change to the cover, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. See if you can guess what the story is about by the cover….My goal is to post once a week and as things start to getting closer to publishing date even more.

Celebrity, did you know….An Excerpt from my book Leaving Cleveland: Less than 2 weeks to pledge.

“Lori is changing into her suit and should be here soon. I need to be in the pool when I photograph her against the tiled wall. I want you to put a ladder in the middle of the pool and set up the strobe.” 

I looked at her in panic. 

“Izzy, electricity, and water don’t mix. We could get electrocuted if the synch cord hits the water!”  

“You’re not going to let that happen!” she instructed.

“I don’t have a suit!”  

“That’s not my problem. I’m going to check on Lori in the dressing room and get my suit on and when I get back, I want everything set up and ready to go.”  

“I need 20 minutes at least.” I replied.  

Izzy looked at her watch. “OK, but no longer.”  

I decided to handle the strobe first, realizing I would be wet after I set up the ladder. Of course, the only ladder available was aluminum, which I thought would be a great electrical conductor. Once the strobe light and soft box were in place, I put the strobe pack, containing 800 watts of current, on the rubber paddle boards preventing them from touching the damp floor. I took off my shoes and socks and jumped into the cold chlorinated water. It was the J.C.C. all over again, that same repulsive feeling rushed through my body as I submerged into the water. At least it was the shallow end of the pool.  

I had the ladder in the water and the camera back loaded up just when Izzy and Anderson showed up. Anderson was wearing a one-piece red swimsuit and she looked very toned and sharp with her shortly cropped hair. Izzy wore a silver one-piece suit, very electric. I had never seen Izzy in a bathing suit because she dressed exclusively in oversized wrinkled clothing. She had a very full figure.  

“So, what’s the plan, Sam?” Izzy asked, looking back at Anderson, and smiling.

I cautiously said, “You stand on the metal ladder, and I will hand you the camera.”  I taped the synch chord to the camera body with gaffers to prevent it from falling into the water and killing us all.” They both looked at me a little stunned and an awkward silence proceeded until Izzy cleared her throat and with a commanding voice shouted “OK, let’s do this,” “Lori, I want you to stand against the green tiled wall wearing your hair cap and goggles. We will start there.”  

©Steven H. Begleiter 2023 excerpt from Leaving Cleveland to be published in 2023

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Working Cover for the Book Leaving Cleveland

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