Change in the Weather, Change in the Title…

New cover, What do you think?

As you can see it has been almost a year since I announced the completion of my fictional memoir ” Leaving Cleveland.” What am I up to? Well, as one literary agent expressed ” You are a good writer and this is a good story and we would be interested in representing you BUT……you are not famous, yet.” He was absolutely right. Not to be deterred, I decided to go the self-publishing route. I am have researching the best way and have learned a lot about self-publishing and publishing on demand. The more I have learned the clearer it became that for this book it is the best way. I have been in contact with BookBaby and have gotten all their info and costs. I will be also applying for a grant through the college I teach photography , Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. They award grants to help their faculty complete projects they are working on. If I do receive the grant, the wheels will be in motion and I hope to have this book out by early fall, just in time for the holiday season.

If you have been following my posts you will also notice that I have changed the title to Leaving Cleveland. When you follow the upcoming posts and read the book will make more sense. So please sign up for notices of new posts and tell your friends. If you are new to this blog , you can read some of the entries, although I will be submitting more entries in each new post as I keep you up to date with my experience of self publishing. I have also made a slight change to the cover, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. See if you can guess what the story is about by the cover….My goal is to post once a week and as things start to getting closer to publishing date even more.

My First GoodRead Review and Projected Publishing Date

I was excited to wake this morning and get an early review of my book Leaving Cleveland on GoodReads from London, England:

The author is a highly respected and accomplished professional photographer and I went to High School with him. The book is based on a fictitious character but it feels as if many of Steve’s life experiences are used to make this novel feel as real as a biography.

The story is about a naive and mostly innocent boy maturing through the daily grind of trying to establish himself in a time when everyone was seeking a better life.

Besides my personal associations with Cleveland and NYC, his struggles as a young man are something we can all relate to. Life is never predictable and these life lessons, hard-earned, can not be taught in school! One must be brave and take risks, make a few stupid mistakes and decisions and of course, be lucky or resilient to survive it all.

Begleiter’s book is hard to put down, feels real and often surprises, delights and intrigues one. The value of personal relationships and discipline, integrity and values are woven into his decision-making process. You feel as if you are in the room discussing the merits or not of his choices.

The mystique of fame is a key theme. There are those we meet who are simply superbly talented and often completely crazed, making this a tale that many would benefit from. How a kid from Cleveland handles the insanity.

Some of us had to leave Cleveland, not easy but one must seek their path in life. Where you come from is a big part of who you are and what you become. The people, friends, family and acquaintances in your life that influenced you, trusted you, loved you and gave you a change which changed your life forever. Leaving Cleveland is that journey of life.

Budd Margolis 5 stars ( out of 5)

According to my publisher, Bookbaby to book as a hardback and paperback can be purchased on April 12,2023. Preorder will begin March 1st. 2023. If you can not wait until then order an E-Book today at :


or :

Leaving Cleveland

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